Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Deli Ham

Deli ham
Deli ham
You taste so much better
Than ham from a can
Or ham in a bag
That claims to be deli
But always just ends up
Soggy and smelly
When I buy you
The deli girl struts
To the big deli slicer
And hands me a cut
She asks about the thickness
I tell her that it's fine
She sticks you with a barcode
And you're mine, mine, mine
I pay for you with money
I bring you home to eat
Pair you up with cheeses
Oh, what a yummy treat
You'll fill up all the 'wiches
You'll make a special snack
And when you are all eaten
To the deli I'll be back


  1. I'm singing "fried ham, fried ham, cheese and baloney..."

    I read this to the family this morning; you made us smile.

  2. I've never really boughten deli ham or meats. Just the WF brand in a little baggie. It's gross. Maybe I need to try this deli ham.