Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Me and Mike D.

I dreamed last night that I was sitting out on the curb waiting for the school bus and talking to Mike Day.  In the dream I knew we were kids, but there we were as our grown-up selves.  We were talking about the day Toni got bit by the dog.  I said, "I run like hell from dogs."  He said, "Me too."  Then we got on the bus.

There are a lot of uncharacteristic things about this dream.  And perhaps the most striking is that I swore since I have never used a swear word like that in real life.  But if you know the day that we were talking about--the day that Toni got bit by the dog--then the most startling and uncharacteristic thing about this dream is the fact that we were getting on the school bus.  Mike and I never took the bus to school.  We lived too close, so we had to walk to school.  And it was on the walk to school that morning that Toni got bit by the dog.

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  1. This made me miss Mike Day. Isn't he the one that married that cute/funky girl and they joined the church?