Monday, July 20, 2009

Old Roommates

Old roommates
Make faithful friends
Perhaps it is because
They become something of sisters
Simply by living together day in and day out
Sometimes they drove you nuts
And sometimes you drove them nuts
When you forgot to wash your dishes
Or you were taking up too much room in the fridge
Mostly you love them
And laugh with them a lot
You know all their secrets
And since they know all of yours
Their secrets are pretty safe with you
And when you've grown up and gotten married
Or simply moved away
You find yourself missing
Running errands with them
And going on walks late at night
And sitting at home watching old re-runs
And the same ten movies you're all sick of
You know them so well
And they know you so well
And like you anyway
Perhaps that is why
Old roommates
Make faithful friends

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