Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pioneer Day

Went to the pioneer village
Walked around the museum
Not quite as hot
Walked back outside
So hot
Barely made it to the car
So hot
Went home
Turned on the air conditioner
And the fan
Much better
Played solitare
And text twist
Watched West Wing
While Bryan hung out with the guys
Bryan came home
Rented a board game
Ate birthday burgers at Red Robin
Took some left over steak fries to Lance
Since he works at the mall
Checked the movies at the dollar theater
Played games with Kendra and Chris
And Jenny and Kyle
And then with Lance and Andrea
And Kegan and Amanda
Ate so much junk food
Jumbo Cheetos
Mint Oreos and milk
Ice cream sandwich
Came home
Time for bed
Happy Pioneer Day

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