Monday, September 14, 2009

Call Me Oregonian

The first mark of an Oregonian is that we actually refer to ourselves as Oregonians. Nobody else in the nation even knows that that's what you call somebody from Oregon. The second mark of a true Oregonian is a near obsession with the rain. And I've got it.

I love the summer sun and fun days at the beach or the park, but nothing makes me feel the way the rain does. I think the only time I find myself disappointed that it's raining is when I've planned an outdoor party (like my birthday party. Sad day. At least we got to play with the parachute). Everybody and their mom says they love the way the rain smells, and I do, but even more than that I love how the sky takes on it's hue of overcast gray and lets out the beautiful pit-pat-pat-pit-pit of raindrops on the world. Can't you just hear the sound of rain falling in a tin can? Or on the plastic overhang on the side patio? I can.

Oregonians also know how to puddle-hop. This was a talent I took for granted until my husband and I started dating and going for long walks all the time. Even in the dark I had no problems stepping or daintily (I'm so sure) leaping over the puddles in my path. Meanwhile, my poor, doting hand-holder was walking around with wet feet. I tried to teach him, but to no avail.

Another thing about rain- there are different kinds. Downpour, torrential downpour, just rain, spittle rain (makes me itchy), the list goes on. Just rain, or a good hard rain (especially when you're already crying anyway) are my favorites.

Perhaps my favorite way to get caught in the rain is wearing a cozy hoodie. I picture myself running in from the parking lot in high school wearing one of the many promotional sweatshirts from the plays I was in. Why on earth did I ever pack those away in a box and leave them at home? I miss them. They are like old friends. So many memories.

Life feels right when it's raining on the world. Perhaps that's why I find myself feeling so thrilled every time it rains here in this place I'm in that's not Oregon. Today about lunch time we heard the thunder roll in loud and booming. I started feeling excited. Then, the torrential downpour began. It was one of those rains that comes down in sheets and makes the spaces in between the color of trees and buildings look white. I couldn't help myself- I got up from my lunch to join my two year-old nephew on the balcony to watch the rain.

Ahh. Everything is beautiful.


  1. I love the way the sky looks, too. The shades of lavendar-blue-silver-white-cream-pearl-gray in the sky. It makes my heart ache, and I don't realize I've missed it until the boring blue sky gives way to those subtle colors. Like the inside of a shell.

  2. Katie - you should go to the Oregon 150 website (it's Oregon's 150th birthday this year, you know) and post your Call Me Oregonian piece on their "Oregon Stories" section.

    You'll be famous. Well, not really, but this is a good piece, and more people should read it.

  3. I love the rain. Except when it start pouring the second I leave the apartment and stops once I get to the JKB. I knew I should have brought the bottoms to my rain suit.

  4. Mom- I will.

    Kegan- Is that like wearing the bottoms of your zip-off pants? Hahahahaha...

  5. I love rain too. Too much sunshine gets on my nerves. No joke.

  6. Amanda- I agree. I get headaches from the sun shining in my eyes or just plain being too bright. No joke. I guess my body was built for an overcast life.