Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thoughts on Writing

So I've been told that the poem I wrote for yesterday's post didn't make sense. On the contrary, it makes perfect sense to me. I could explain it, but... no. I thought of changing it, giving it some punctuation, etc., etc., but... no. It makes sense to me. And although I think it's a pretty fair argument that the purpose of words and language in general is to communicate with others, I feel fine about doing the hokey pokey every now and then just for the sake of turning myself about even if nobody else understands what's going on.


  1. I'm sorry if I'm the one that inspired this...

  2. You go, girl. Feedback is only feedback. (Maybe that will inspire another poem??) You still get to own the writing.

    (And Stephanie is right on to provide feedback that she didn't get the writing. Readers get to own their meanings, too. Go, Stephanie!)

    By the way, what I meant with my comment a couple of days ago was that your writing about "Nothings" was better than nothing--ie, no writing at all. As in, attagirl for at least writing something, even if it was "Nothings." Which wasn't nothing, by the way. But I'm glad that my vague comment was useful in some way.

  3. that was what i thought you meant. thanks.