Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Listening to Memories

When I was alone and lonely
There were boys who tried to win my heart
So often they would play a song for me
They would think they were melting me down
So they could mold me and make me their own
They thought they were hypnotizing me with the words and the tune
Little did they know
That they chose the wrong songs
It's ironic how wrong the songs were
They were the ones in a trance
Thinking I was falling in love with them
For the words they sang and the tunes they played
Only opened my eyes and made me see even more clearly
That they were not the ones who held my heart
They were not him
Him who had gone away
But who I always knew would come back
Him who loved me once and loved me still
And always will
They sang to me of remembering
They thought it would make me remember them
But I remembered him
And now as I consider
All the boys who tried their hand at songs
I smile
The songs play through
A collection
Of words and tunes that remind me always
Of why I love my husband

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