Friday, June 12, 2009

Shop Closed

I'm not ready to write yet.
My creative juice bar has not yet opened shop for the day.
That's a shame, really.
Speaking of which...
I hate the Thanksgiving Point ads
A whole beautiful big place like that
And they can't hire a real marketing person?
I guess that's mean to say.
If I were the marketing person
Hearing someone say that about me would
Make me feel like trash.
Speaking of which...
There's a lot of trash in our apartment right now.
Mostly there's a big pile of empty boxes and things by the door.
Does anyone need an empty shoe box?
I have one.
Actually, I have two, but I think I'm going to use one.
If I don't, you may have it.
That didn't lead me to any other train of thought.
That's how much I'm out of creative juice.
I guess all I have to say is:
Shop closed.


  1. William Stafford (my very favorite Oregon poet) used to say that if you get stuck in your writing, just lower your standards and keep writing. :)

  2. Crap. Five days and I'm already there.