Monday, June 29, 2009

Thirty One Weeks

I technically (and hopefully) only have nine more weeks of being pregnant. The excitement is setting in. The fear is setting in. And so is the water. I think my body was paying a little bit too much attention during the family night lesson I gave on food storage a couple of weeks ago. It's like my body is storing up enough water to keep me hydrated until the Second Coming. And yet I am still thirsty.

"My fingers are like sausages." This is what I think to myself every time I wash my hands, which I do a lot considering how often I need to use the restroom these days. Also, my shoes don't fit. All I can wear now are flip-flops and the off-brand Crocs I bought for myself last week. I don't look quite as nice at church, but I think Elder Oaks would overlook my flip-flop wearing in Sacrament Meeting if he knew me personally and saw (and smelled) what it is like when I try to wear my regular church shoes.

All of this can only mean one thing: the baby is growing ripe for delivery! Let's just hope she comes out early, healthy, naturally, painlessly, and looking more beautiful than any of the other babies that are born that day. I don't think that's too much to ask.

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